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5 Companies Killing the Branding Game

Have you found yourself buying something just because the logo caught your eye? Well, you’re not alone! We’ve made a list of our top 5 companies that we think are currently killing the branding game. These companies clearly understand the term, “more is less.”


Milk Makeup

Definitely a fav! Milk’s brand concept is sleek, modern and simple. It’s not all over the place; it makes us feel like the company has their sh*t together. We think it’s best to be as simple as possible when branding for the beauty industry because nowadays when consumers are shopping, they’re gravitating towards companies that are organic (free), honest and that honestly look pretty.


American Apparel

A gem in the branding world. AP is known for it’s “brandless” apparel. For their logo, they went with a simple font, Helvetica, for their logo and throughout their marketing. Even if you’ve never been inside a store, most of them are closed, you still know what to expect. Another ‘less is more’ brand.


Bubly Sparkling Water

This brand is new on the scene; however, it caught our eye almost immediately. Although we aren’t fans of sparkling water, the logo and commercials are pretty convincing. Sparkling wine, water, whatever more than likely has bubblesss! We love that Bubly incorporated the bubble shape/sphere throughout their logo and product design. Subtle marketing is key.


E.L.F. Cosmetics

Eyes Lips and Face Cosmetics is a branding hall of famer. If you’ve never heard of them, they’re the most affordable beauty brand out now. Almost all of their products are packaged in a black container with their text-only logo on top. There are times when they switch up the colorways but that’s about it. You always know when a makeup brush is from E.L.F. Consistency and simplicity never fails!



We had to. Who doesn’t have, at least two, Apple device in their home? Whether it’s your phone and an old iPod you haven’t touched in years, it counts! One of the greatest ‘less is more’ brands. From their actual products to the packaging; Apple is straight-to-the-point.


There are tons more brands we could list but these are just some of our favorites! If you’re in the middle of branding your own company, check out our Branding Checklist!

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