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Finesse your InstaStory with these tips

Instagram has been focusing on its Story feature a lot recently. It’s a great way to post without filling up your timeline or page layout with things that you really didn’t want to stay for very long. Here are some tips to spice up your views and interactions on your InstaStory.

Tag your location: whether you’re at Starbucks or hiking somewhere in California, there’s a location for it on Instagram. This is a great way to let your followers know where you’re located. It’s also helpful for tourists that may be visiting your city.

Mention another page: if you’re like us and have two pages for your business, you can tag them! Let your followers know that it’s more wonders that they’re missing out on.

Add a GIF: this is one of the newer features. It’s a great tool to add some flavor to your post. Some of our favorite GIFs are sparkles and new blog post icons.

Add a hashtag: another gem. Hashtags are the only way you can truly have a trend on the internet specific to your brand. Anyone can make one and with the feature to follow hashtags, your followers can keep up with you and your brand anywhere on the internet. Your followers can also add in their posts and they’ll be visible under your hashtag.

Use the pen tool: another way to personalize your story. If you like your digital handwriting, you can draw, both, photos and videos with your finger. Instagram currently offers a marker, highlighter, neon strip and chalk brush.

Use the text/color background feature: there are 5 text styles to choose from. Mix and match or keep them the same! If you do not have the Swipe Up feature -you need 10k+ followers- then this is one way to include a link. It will not be clickable though.

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