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Get your Instagram engagement up with these tips

Is it just us or have you noticed a slight decrease in your Instagram interactions? Turns out, Instagram has been updating and downgrading their algorithm all year. According to, it is now estimated that only 10% of your followers see your posts. Here are a few tips that’ll help you and your brand stay afloat during this insta-storm:


  • Utilize your Insta-Story: Most of Instagram’s latest updates have to do with the Story. With features like polls, location tagging, mentions, text styles, gifs, etc. consumers are more than likely to visit your page. The algorithm takes into account if anyone replies or shares your story to make it as interactive as possible.

  • Quick Engagement: Timeliness is key. When are you followers online? The quicker your posts get interactions, the better position your posts will land on people’s timelines.

  • Interacting: You must interact with your followers. If you’re actively responding to comments, direct messages and even commenting/liking on other pages, Instagram’s algorithm will pick that up. This will also keep people on your page longer. Give your followers something to look at or teach them something!

  • Hashtags: This always seems to be mentioned last but it’s as important as all of the other tips above. Hashtags are the quickest way to brand your company. Only use relevant hashtags and keep them simple. Need some help? Click here.

  • New Features: One thing we noticed is our story always ends up on our city’s story when we use any new story features. Having your story make it to your local story is a plus! You get eyes from your neighbors and tourists.

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