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Keep these things in mind when creating your logo

Designing your logo can be challenging. You want to make sure it’s perfect! With that being said, we’ve come up with a small checklist to consider when designing your company’s logo.

Logo Design Checklist

• What message am I trying to convey with my logo?
• What audience am I trying to reach?
• Do my colors match the message/vibe that I’m going for?
• Can my logo design be transferred to anything; labels, shirts, flyers, water bottles, etc.

When considering your design, try not to overwhelm yourself. Think of all the logos you see on a daily basis. Some, you see so much that you’ve stopped paying them any attention and that’s what your goal should be!

Brands like Gucci, Nike, McDonald’s, etc. have a simple design but pack a mean punch. The term “less is more” is very true when it comes to logo design. Too many images and/or pictures take away from the message you may be trying to convey and can also be an eyesore. Most printing companies will reject your request or charge a higher price just to produce your image-based logo. This also goes for text-based logos with multiple colors.

Keep this in mind, your logo will have to put on something at some point and you will have to pay someone to use their printer and ink.

Honorary mention: Stay AWAY from glitter or sparkles in your logo!! We cannot stress this enough. It’s perfectly fine to have a variation of your logo design include some glitter but your primary logo design should, honestly, be black unless you have specific company colors. You want your design to be transferable to any and everything! Sparkle costs more to get printed as well.

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